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The MrBargain Canada Car Loan credit application is designed with you in mind.

We ask the minimum amount of information that will allow us to process your online credit application quickly so that we can get you in the car of your dreams! Once you have submitted your online credit application, MrBargain Canada Car Loan will work hard to earn your business and get you approved as quickly as possible.

MrBargain provides customers with a non-embarrassing, non-confrontational approach to a bad credit car loan. Nearly 80% of the Canadian adult population has had a credit issue. If you are one of these people who have encountered bankruptcy or bad credit, no worries! Our MrBargain car loan credit specialists will match your application with a lender that specializes with your credit situation. Our lenders understand your needs and will carefully consider your current circumstance rather than your past credit history.

MrBargain will take the pressure and hassle of obtaining financing out of the car buying process.

You will receive a phone call in a couple of hours
and customers have been approved the same day!

When you fill out an online credit application, your information is 100% secure and your personal and confidential information will only be used to secure your application. Our credit application was designed with you in mind!

Fill out our online credit application
from the comfort of your own home.

It’s simple, fast and secure!

Even if you have bad credit.

MrBargain is a leading used car loans and car sales services for bad credit car loans. MrBargain specializes in car loans for bad credit in Canada. Bad credit car loans are for people who think they have a low credit rating, none at all, or have been turned down in the past. MrBargain provides car loans for bad credit and has a 97% approval rate for bad credit car loans.

97% Approval rate for used car loans

MrBargain is for people with bad credit. MrBargain isn't here to judge people with bad credit but put them into a new used car. We believe in second chances and often a used car is essential to earning more money and improving a person's quality of life. Our professional staff constantly puts together used car loans for people with bad credit where other competitors have failed. Our goal is to see you driving down the road in a new used car or truck. The process is simple and the first step is to Apply for our used car loan now and Get Driving TODAY.

Used Car Loans

Used car loans for people with bad credit are what MrBargain specializes in. You can purchase a used car from us or perhaps you already have a used car in mind and just need to finance your new used car or truck. We have a 97% approval rate and understand that everyone goes rough times in their life. We finance used car loans for people with bad credit.

Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Repo, No Credit, Consumer Proposal, Collections, Slow Payment, New to Country, Late Payment, Missed Payments, more...

No problem! We have a car loan for you!

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MrBargain has simple and intuitive loan application process, so financing isn't intimidating. as soon as you apply a loan expert will contact you and help you get approved for a vehicle.